Inkup Founder has Earned a Reputation as a Superlative Portrait Tattoo Artist

Locating an exceptional portrait tattoo artist isn’t as easy as most people think. The ability to accurately depict the countenance of a loved one on skin is much more difficult than creating a drawing on canvas. Greg Hoskins, founder of Inkup, is an award-winning tattoo artist specialising in portrait tattoos.

The portrait tattoo artist has over 35 years of experience in capturing photographic likenesses with quality of detail and intricacy that’s the rival of celebrated canvas artists. From people and pets to celebrity and fantasy likenesses, the artistry that takes place at Inkup is designed to make clients’ experience enjoyable and satisfying.

Artists who use the body as a canvas have considerations that others will never encounter. Hoskins is a master at creating light, shadows, depth and dimension, along with optimal physical placement that will display the tattoo to its best advantage. Each tattoo portrait is a highly individualized choice and the Inkup founder reproduces those images with finesse.

The ability to reproduce even the smallest of details is essential in a tattoo portrait. A deft touch, precision and the ability to utilize a variety of techniques are required for the portrait to appear lifelike. The entire focus of a portrait tattoo is realism and Inkup has earned a reputation for some of the finest ink work available.

The use of tattoos to decorate and adorn the body is an ancient and time-honored tradition that’s centuries old and practiced around the globe. The reasons for tattoos are as diverse and varied as the people who wear them. Depending upon the culture, tattoos have been used as part of religious and spiritual rites, to display a warrior’s prowess and attract a suitable mate.

Tattoos were a means to reflect an individual’s status, lineage and affiliations. Women employed the technique to enhance their beauty and desirability. Tattoo artwork has always been a way for people to establish identity and memorialize loved ones. Once considered a uniquely masculine practice, scientific evidence has proven that tattooing was used exclusively by women in some areas of the world.

Hoskins is a premiere portrait tattoo artist with the international awards for his ink work to prove it. The decision to get a tattoo portrait is a deeply personal one and presents an outward symbol of a beloved being that has made a significant impact on an individual’s life and contributed to who they are. Hoskins treats those images with the time, dedication and respect to which they’re entitled.

Located at 145 High Street in Thomastown, for more information call 03 9465 7945 or visit Inkup online.