Humanity, Towards Extinction?

On you can learn more about the evolution of the human species and in particular about a certain hominid species that is nowadays extinct. After reading this website there are certainly some questions that should pop up in your mind and here you will find some of them as well as their answers. Regardless of whether you believe in evolutionism or not you must know that some time ago, a very long time ago actually, there used to be another living being which resembled very much our own human species, as we all know it today. Specialists have proven its existence but the fact that it is now extinct may makes us wonder whether the human race as we know it could not become extinct one day. Here you can read more about this issue, in a rather relaxed and funny way.

If the toumai ceased to exist because of the environmental pressure that it has been put on it, one may wonder what will happen to humanity if we continue to live as we do. Pollution is ever on the rise and there are more and more conditions, bacteria and viruses affecting people and in many cases even killing them. This combined with a very low birth rate in some parts of the world could certainly upset the ecosystem in which humans live and then, could this lead to the disappearance of the human species? Each thing that we do affects our own future and that of our species. Think about heavy drinking and smoking and the ways they affect reproduction. There is an increase in the number of cases of erectile dysfunction in young people that could eventually provide an answer to why in some places people have no or fewer children.