Human Evolution

In the nineteenth century, Charles Darwin came up with a revolutionary idea, based on numerous observations he made while traveling around the world on how new species appear and disappear called the evolution theory. The process by which this happens he called natural selection, and the basic idea is that the individual best suited to certain conditions is most likely to survive and have offspring. This has enormous implications because it might lead to new species, but in a very long time.

Man is one of the last beings appeared on Earth. The new findings show the emergence of the first hominid 3 or 4 million years ago and only now the Homo sapiens dates 250,000 years.

In 1974 there was a hominid skeleton discovered in Ethiopia dating back three million years. This hominid seemed to walk on two legs standing straight with teeth consisting of very large molars that were already human nature. He belongs to the family of Australopithecus, the first ancestors of the human race. The skull of this class has modest dimensions of 600-800 cm3.

Human evolution took place very slowly. Progress had to be made stage to stage in human brain development. And so Homo habilis sees the light of day. Homo erectus is the first who knows fire. The face begins to flatten. The brain cavity has a volume average size of 1,000 cm3. This all happened 1.5 million years ago.

The next step is 'homo sapiens'. It has a big brain of 1500 cm3. It is 'wise', he buries his dead and begins to draw on cave walls. Fossils of this class can be found all over the world. And from them, considered as the first humans, came the modern man, 'homo sapiens sapiens.'

Each element of the Homo family has dominated the planet for a while then disappeared. 'Homo sapiens sapiens' has existed for over 35,000 years. This proves the possibility to adapt to all hostile situations. Many classes have disappeared when living conditions were modified. Brain size was the advantage that led to human evolution. Tools were the first human invention that enabled survival. Human evolution took place over a period of over 4 million years and surely still continues today.