Renowned Travel Photographer, Peter Walton, Goes to the Ends of the Earth for Animal Photos

Melbourne, Australia – Dec. 18, 2017 – Most people think only of mountains and sunsets when they consider landscape photography, but it encompasses much more than that. Professional freelance photographer, Peter Walton, specializes in travel photography that includes a unique collection of animal photos.

Animal photography is perhaps one of the most difficult types of travel photos to obtain, requiring equal elements of skill, patience and luck. Walton recently chose some of his favorite photographs that he’s taken over the last 40 years of his expansive career and they’re now available as fine art wall prints in framed, stretched canvas and acrylic panels.

Among Walton’s collection of travel photos for sale, fans of wildlife travel photography will find Iceland’s unique breed of horses, lions from Zimbabwe and Namibia elephants, along with rare birds and tender moments shared between mothers and their young.

Travel photography documents an area’s people, customs and culture, along with manmade constructs, animals and natural physical features. It’s a passion that has taken Walton to locations around the world, from Antarctica to Vietnam.

The animal fine art prints in Walton’s repertoire of travel photos for sale are representative of the myriad of wildlife that exists in the world in all its natural glory. Animal travel photography has its own special challenges. Animals in the wild don’t pose, they’re easily startled and photographing predators is particularly dangerous. Using a flash can start a stampede.

A travel photographer may have to travel for days through harsh conditions to reach snow-capped mountains or searing desert sands, only to have their subjects bolt in the opposite direction or have the light wane. The world is teeming with life even in the most inhospitable environments and travel photographers are uniquely positioned to capture shots people might not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

The range of Walton’s travel photography and fine art prints encompasses iconic structures, nature’s wonders, and the most elusive subjects of all – animals in their natural habitat. The award-winning photographer follows his passion wherever it leads and through his photos, takes the world on a journey of discovery and wonder.


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