Solid Timber Furniture adds Beauty to Décor and has Health Benefits

In a time of furniture manufactured with synthetic materials, veneers, and minimal wood content, there’s a strong trend that’s gaining strength toward solid timber furniture. Studies have demonstrated that wood furniture has health benefits for the mind and body. Individuals can choose timber furniture designed with a rustic look or highly elaborate and sophisticated pieces.

One of the attractions of solid timber mid century furniture online is its durability. Most Scandi and mid century furniture Sydney and timber furnishings are crafted with hardwoods. The finishes in hardwoods are less prone to scrapes, scratches and gouges, but if damage doe occur the pieces can be revitalized to restore their visual appeal and longevity.

Solid wood and mid century furniture Melbourne retains its original color better, along with more of its original value. Timber furniture is easy to maintain and due to slight variations in the wood, each item has its own subtle characteristics and distinct differences that makes it unique. Wood is strong, highly versatile and can even be finished to look like expensive marble.

Mid Century Solid timber bedroom furniture for sale online is highly adaptable and can easily fit into any décor and accommodate multiple aesthetics. The extensive range of wood colors offers individuals an extensive color palette that can be combined in a variety of unique ways for interior design in a multitude of design styles.

Studies have also shown that people have a physiological response to wood furniture that has a positive effect on health and no one has to worry about getting a shock from solid timber furniture in dry environments. It doesn’t rust and wood deadens sound, making it particularly inviting for areas used listening to music or viewing movies.

The type of solid wood bookcases and furniture and its color can be used to make a small room appear larger, create a dramatic effect, or form a focal point in larger areas. The versatility of timber furniture enables individuals to design environments that feel light and airy or very formal.

Mid Century & Scandinavian Solid timber tables online and scandi storage solutions enables individuals to bring a little bit of nature indoors. Wood furnishings have a calming effect that’s beneficial for the body and mind. Purchasing solid timber furniture is a long-term investment in home interiors and the people that live and work within those environments.

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