Inkup Founder has Earned a Reputation as a Superlative Portrait Tattoo Artist

Locating an exceptional portrait tattoo artist isn’t as easy as most people think. The ability to accurately depict the countenance of a loved one on skin is much more difficult than creating a drawing on canvas. Greg Hoskins, founder of Inkup, is an award-winning tattoo artist specialising in portrait tattoos.

The portrait tattoo artist has over 35 years of experience in capturing photographic likenesses with quality of detail and intricacy that’s the rival of celebrated canvas artists. From people and pets to celebrity and fantasy likenesses, the artistry that takes place at Inkup is designed to make clients’ experience enjoyable and satisfying.

Artists who use the body as a canvas have considerations that others will never encounter. Hoskins is a master at creating light, shadows, depth and dimension, along with optimal physical placement that will display the tattoo to its best advantage. Each tattoo portrait is a highly individualized choice and the Inkup founder reproduces those images with finesse.

The ability to reproduce even the smallest of details is essential in a tattoo portrait. A deft touch, precision and the ability to utilize a variety of techniques are required for the portrait to appear lifelike. The entire focus of a portrait tattoo is realism and Inkup has earned a reputation for some of the finest ink work available.

The use of tattoos to decorate and adorn the body is an ancient and time-honored tradition that’s centuries old and practiced around the globe. The reasons for tattoos are as diverse and varied as the people who wear them. Depending upon the culture, tattoos have been used as part of religious and spiritual rites, to display a warrior’s prowess and attract a suitable mate.

Tattoos were a means to reflect an individual’s status, lineage and affiliations. Women employed the technique to enhance their beauty and desirability. Tattoo artwork has always been a way for people to establish identity and memorialize loved ones. Once considered a uniquely masculine practice, scientific evidence has proven that tattooing was used exclusively by women in some areas of the world.

Hoskins is a premiere portrait tattoo artist with the international awards for his ink work to prove it. The decision to get a tattoo portrait is a deeply personal one and presents an outward symbol of a beloved being that has made a significant impact on an individual’s life and contributed to who they are. Hoskins treats those images with the time, dedication and respect to which they’re entitled.

Located at 145 High Street in Thomastown, for more information call 03 9465 7945 or visit Inkup online.

Red Crayon – Creative branding

When you need an effective brand which communicates your message to your target audience, the creative team at Red Crayon can deliver! Red Crayon are a Melbourne based advertising agency who pride themselves on their creativity and professionalism.

advertising designRed Crayon are a team of advertising designers, planners, writers and marketing strategists who can assist in designing and implementing an individualised marketing plan specifically tailored to your objectives and your target audience. A successful campaign is dependent upon a carefully researched and considered strategy. No matter what strategy you are seeking – a marketing strategy, brand strategy, communications strategy, digital strategy, or brand positioning strategy – the professional team at Red Crayon are up to the task.

To assist with the success of your business, contact Red Crayon on (03) 9533 2211 or visit us at 132-136 Albert Road South Melbourne.

Driving Schools | What to Look For?


So you’ve decided to enroll yourself or your teenager to driving school. Problem is how do you choose the best one? Below is a rundown of some of the basic things to look for when looking up driving schools. It is important to know all you can about the driving school you are enrolling into. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money and compromise yours and your child’s safety right? Driving is a skill you will probably use for most of your life after you’ve learned it so it is important to seek the most solid of foundations when it comes to driving.



In Australia, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of registered driving schools. Given the overwhelming number of options available to you how do you distinguish the good from the bad? It is important to ask both the school and the instructor if they have been properly certified by national regulating bodies. The instructor for example should have a valid Driving Instructor License issued by the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority). He or she should also be a member of Australian Driver Trainers Association or ADTA. ADTA is the representative body of professional driving instructors in Australia. The organization qualifies and ensures trainers to provide a high standard of instruction in driving all types of vehicles.



There are a lot of similarities in the courses that driving schools offer. Although the courses are pretty standard, there are driving schools that optimize the courses to maximize retention and practical application by the students. You might like to inquire if the school provides supplementary material for the student to take home. Are the courses structured? Do they offer “Low Risk” (Hazard Awareness) and defensive driving? For parents who are enrolling their teenagers you might also want to inquire if they have a system in place that allows the parents to monitor and support the child’s progress.



It is also important to consider where the school is located. The location of the school could help you narrow down your choices as it would be advisable to enroll in a driving school close to where you live or where you work. You might also want to ask them if they are willing to change drop-off and pick-up points to suit your schedule.


To give you a head start on your search for a good driving school you may want to check out Hiway Driving School and contact them for more details.

Caravanning For Beginners


Nothing quite beats a family holiday on a caravan. Being out there on the road and camping and getting the chance to bond with your family in a way that hotel holidays can’t. However, caravanning can seem quite daunting especially for beginners. Driving a huge RV or towing a large motor home around (and then driving in reverse with that motorhome!) are just some of the things that may seem overwhelming to a lot of people who are caravanning for the first time.

Well, no need to worry! This article will give you a run through of the essential things to know as well as some tips to make your caravanning experience go as smoothly as possible.



Yes, you’ve driven your car a lot of times and probably don’t feel the need to practice driving it. However, when you are towing what is essentially a small house right behind the mechanics of a normal drive change dramatically. The drive is different but it doesn’t have to difficult. Practice weeks in advance of the trip, either in your driveway or at the storage site. Do so until you feel confident.

TIP: Some caravanning clubs offer towing courses. If your upcoming trip is your first time we suggest you take the courses to be safe.



Would you embark on a long road trip without having your car checked? The same goes for your RV and your caravan. Check for leaks, for spots where some moisture has eaten through some of the material and check if the tyres are the correct pressure. You must also check whether your stability devices are in place and working. Be especially vigilant when checking gases and electrics, any faulty wiring can be lethal.



Before you embark on your trip is important to make sure that you are safe. Check to see if your caravan is within your truck’s towing capacity. Is your tow bar properly aligned and well-maintained? It is advisable to have your caravan regularly serviced. Other things to check for are brakes, suspension and your tyres.



This is going to be your home for the whole duration of the trip so you would like to keep your motor home as safe as you would you would your residence. Invest on some sturdy and reliable security devices such as hitch locks, wheel stands and wheel clamps.



Just in case anything unexpected happens it is best to sign up for your manufacturer’s road side support program if they have any.



A faulty caravan will only put a damper on an otherwise enjoyable trip. To ensure a smooth ride with nothing to think about but the sights invest in Nova Caravans. To get in touch with them check them out online at